Classic Collection 2

We love this classic combination of flavors.  Our heart cut-out butter cookie is filled with luscious sweetly tart apricot preserves.  Almond flour gives our Viennese Crescents their delightful flavor sweetened with a toss of cinnamon sugar.  The petite Raspberry Thumbprint delivers bold flavor, balancing a buttery pecan cookie with the bright notes of Oregon red raspberry preserves. And, the slender Valrhona Wafer packs a powerful punch redolent with the deep chocolate notes of the famous French chocolate.

Packed in our tres chic gift box and tied with a grosgrain ribbon, the Classic Collection 2 contains 4 Apricot Windows, 7 Raspberry Thumbprints, 7 Viennese Crescents, 8 Valrhona Wafers.  Twenty-six cookies.