Tea Time Collection

We love this combination of flavors with a soothing pot of tea when it’s cold outside or with a pitcher of refreshing iced tea in the heat of summer.  Our lovely lemon wafers are filled with lemon zest laced white chocolate ganache. Our adorable flower-shaped lemon poppyseed cookie is as tender as its more famous namesake cake and just as delicious.  The exotic sounding Hazelnut Coconut Wafer, redolent with the rich flavor of roasted hazelnuts and infused with the mild sweetness of coconut, is a buttery, crispy delight that blends perfectly with tea.  The Ginger Sandwich is a marriage of two spicy Ginger Thins and white chocolate ganache with a touch of lemon zest.

Packed in our tres chic gift box and tied with a grosgrain ribbon, the Tea Time Collection contains 4 Lemon Sandwiches, 8 Lemon Poppyseed Cookies; 8 Hazelnut Coconut Wafers, 8 Ginger Sandwiches.  Twenty-eight cookies.