If you can feel it in your heart, for sure you can see it!


There are so many incredible stories around us that deserve to be known and shared with our community. The stories of people who, no matter what... 

never gave up. 


Where all began...

Amy’s Cookies is a local and traditional bakery located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY. 

For over 30 years has been operated by Amy Berg, a passionate baker who created this amazing company of high quality cookies. 

Other than her hard work, during all these years, Amy put an extraordinary ingredient in her recipes : LOVE!  Most of all because since young Amy was visually impaired. 

At the age of 66 she decided to retire and recently sold her business to an Italian woman, Rosy, who decided to keep Amy’s Cookies tradition going, celebrating the strength and the resilience of this great human being. 

Rosy  decide to create “SEE WITH YOUR HEART”, which logo is a heart with an eye in the center.

 It's a new line of cookies that is going to build a constant fundraising for The American Foundation for the Blind. The mission is to try to share with the largest number of people the touching and inspirational story of Amy’s life, to give hope and motivation to everyone who is affected with disabilities. 

amy's cookies logo see with your heart cookies

See With Your Heart - Logo